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Engineering and construction by INFRASERV KNAPSACK

The idea of producing chemical building blocks with the help of biotechnology is becoming more and more appealing to a majority of players in the chemical industry in Europe. The dynamic European market is the ideal basis for the commercialization of your bio-based chemicals due to the large amount of available renewable feedstock as well as a fast growing number of potential bio-based applications.

Process development

Your good product idea is a sound start. Yet to actually get this idea onto the market you need the appropriate production process. InfraServ Knapsack develops these processes for and with customers once the basic producibility of the product and its general specifications have been determined.

Individual solutions

Every product, every company and every site has its own requirements when it comes to processes and plants. Satisfying these requirements calls for customised planning and development processes at every stage. InfraServ Knapsack places particular emphasis on the engineering of individual plants – from process development and conceptual design to basic and detailed engineering, regardless of whether we just carry out sub-services or take over the general planning for every stage.

InfraServ Knapsack does not supply one-size- fits-all solutions. Instead, we adopt a flexible approach and gear ourselves towards the specific requirements of the current project stage – step-by-step.
We set a fundamental course early on in the planning process using process development and conceptual design. Thanks to a broad range of diverse engineering fields and an extensive selection of methods, we can guarantee the very highest degree of flexibility with regard to content.

Scale-up platform

The Chemiepark Knapsack near Cologne in Germany also offers companies a scale-up platform and access to know-how for bio-based production and integration into existing value- chains. The innovative capacity of the Chemiepark Knapsack, qualified skilled workers, solid infrastructure, plug & play services, as well as less bureaucracy and red tape all offer huge benefits for your company to commercialize your product.


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