BioCampus Cologne

BioCampus Cologne offers as “Zukunftsraum Köln” a comprehensive environment to innovative tech companies for sustainable growth. In addition to biotechnology as already established focus BioCampus Cologne will engage healthcare and medtech as synergistic fields as well.

BioCampus Cologne is one of the leading technology parks in Germany. Covering more than 62 acres BioCampus Cologne provides room for growth to the knowledge-based industry in the heart of Europe. From flexible first offices/labs for start-ups to expansion potential for scale-ups the BioCampus provides answers for every phase of growth.

Focusing already on the biotech and pharmaceutical industry BioCampus Cologne will open its activities to the medtech and healthcare sector. This will enable interdisciplinary cooperation by involving experts of different competent fields for catalyzing innovations for the whole range of healthcare and bioeconomy.
By settling companies and research institutions based on additional technologies like chemistry, nano & micro tech, IT, engineering and energy the potential for synergistic effects of interdisciplinary cooperation will be strengthened further more. This is an essential factor for the technology location Cologne.
More than 30,000 square meters of representative office & conference areas, modern laboratories, clean rooms as a well as storage space can be combined to customized infrastructural solutions.
Free areas for new constructions complete BioCampus Cologne’s portfolio for corporates & research institutions.
Besides providing the necessary infrastructure and central services, BioCampus cologne fosters access to networks, business incubation, interdisciplinary cooperation and technology transfer with academia for creating a complementary environment for sustainable business development.