Chimie Balard Cirimat Carnot Institute

The Chimie Balard Cirimat Carnot Institute is a university-and-engineering-school-based R&D institute in southern France. Our 600 researchers possess a wide range of competences in chemistry, materials and processes. One of the major themes of our institute is Green and Sustainable Chemistry. Like other institutes in the Carnot Network, we have a specific focus on working with industry.

• Biomass from plants and algae; polysaccharides; oils, triglycerides and fatty acids; natural phenols; lignin; proteins; amino acids; terpenes.
• Molecular platforms; synthesis and polymerisation; deconstruction and depolymerisation
• Syntheses of bio-sourced monomers, polymers, materials and composites
• Eco-extraction processes
• Bio-sourced catalysts
• Biofuels

• Reactive extraction for recovery of microalgal biomass
• Depolymerization of lignin and chitosan
• Functionalisation of natural phenols
• Functionalisation of vegetable and algal oils
• Development of bio-based catalysts
• Development of bio-sourced polymers, materials and composites
• Functionalisation and evaluation of the functionality of bio-sourced polymers, materials and composites for pharmaceutical, cosmetic or biomedical applications
• Cosmetic & dermatologic formulations derived from natural biopolymers
• Encapsulation using (bio)polymers
• Biopolymer-based wound dressings
• Biopolymers for medical devices
• Hydrogels from biopolymers

Recent examples of projects for industry:
• Development of bio-sourced epoxy composites for prosthesis joints
• Development of a bio-sourced PVC plasticiser with properties comparable to phthalates and improved fire resistance;
• Development of bio-sourced polyurethanes without isocyanate
• Substitution of bisphenol A by a bio-sourced monomer in the synthesis of aromatic epoxy resins
• Development of bio-sourced surfactants for detergents
• Synthesis of bio-sourced latexes

Industrial sectors:
Biofuels, cosmetics, perfumery, pharmacy, medical devices, paints and coatings, aeronautics, transport, packaging and food contact materials


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