Exhibition information

Exhibition will take place from 15th - 16h May 2018

1. Register first for the conference at http://bio-based-conference.com/registration (select the 2-day entrance ticket for 845 EUR (excl. 19% VAT) and take advantage of this opportunity:
2. the price of a booth (6qm) is 500 EUR (excl. 19% VAT).
3. Please submit Mr. Dominik Vogt your preferred booth number, a printable logo and a company profile.

We provide you

  • a table  (1,40m x 0,70m),
  • table cloths,
  • a pin board (2m high x 1,20m width, pinup area 1,50m (high) x 1,20 m (width)),
  • a chair and
  • a power connection.

You are welcome to use your own booth system.

The exhibition is located in the lobby in front of the conference hall where the breaks will take place. You would like to get an overview of the Maternushaus? Here you are granted a 3D tour.

Overview of the exhibition


Set-up times for exhibitors

14 May 2018 4 pm - 7 pm
15 May 2018 from 8 am


Urgent notice regarding EXPO GUIDE

Dear Mrs. or Mr.,

The Mexican organisation Expo Guide is currently contacting various companies about an online directory for exhibitors for which the companies have to pay. They are offering their directory to exhibitors of our conferences amongst others without the knowledge and approval by the nova-institute.

We hereby confirm to you that the nova-Institute does not have any business connections to the Expo Guide and does not work together with them.

Therefore the mentioned directory is not the official exhibitors directory of the conference.