Booth No. 22: Cosun Biobased Products B.V. (NL)

Cosun Biobased Products is a subsidiary of Royal Cosun. We have our head office in the Netherlands. Cosun Biobased Products is well-placed to take advantage of the upcoming biobased economy with a consistent strategy and the development of innovative biobased chemicals and materials from renewable, vegetable resources.
We dedicate ourselves to the biobased economy and generate focus, synergy and critical mass. This enables the successful development of technology and business. This is achieved by ensuring optimal value creation is realized, no waste is produced (closed loops) and the lowest energy input is utilized.

Royal Cosun
Royal Cosun is a farmers cooperative that was founded over a century ago. Our mission is to create maximum value from agricultural raw materials. The product portfolio of Royal Cosun includes high-quality food products, feed ingredients as well as Biobased chemicals and materials for industrial applications. Royal Cosun has about 10,000 members/shareholders and some 3,900 employees. It operates internationally and has an annual turnover of around € 2.0 billion.

The activities of Royal Cosun are organized in the following business groups:

  • Aviko: potato-based products
  • Duynie: animal feed and starch-based products
  • Sensus: inulin products
  • Suiker Unie: sugar products
  • SVZ: fruit and vegetables based products
  • Cosun Biobased Products: Biobased solutions


Cosun Biobased Products B.V.

Sandra Kraak
Cosun innovation center
Kreekweg 1
4671 VA  Dinteloord
The Netherlands

T +31 76 530 3339