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Info: Bio-based Fine Chemicals: 12th International Conference on Bio-based Materials

12th International Conference on Bio-based Materials, 15–16 May 2019, Maternushaus, Cologne

The conference is one of the largest conferences and industry meeting points in Europe on bio-based chemicals, polymers and plastics. This year, for the first time, we are expanding the program to include fine chemicals for food ingredients, flavours, body care, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The fine chemicals sector is enjoying particularly strong demand in the bio-economy. And this for two reasons: New bio-based fine chemicals have very special, improved properties than petrochemicals can provide and are therefore not in direct competition with each other. And if certain fine chemicals have the same bio- and petro-ecomnomic molecules, consumers always prefer the bio-based variant in application food ingredients, flavours, body care, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Ten lectures will give you an insight into the latest developments in the field of bio-based fine chemicals that you should not miss:

Roland Breves, Henkel (DE)New Materials for the Cosmetics Industry - Needs and Requirements
Babette Pettersen, Ginkgo Bioworks (US)Synthetic Biology for New Bio-Based Fine Chemicals
Jacco van Haveren, Wageningen UR/Food and Biobased Research (NL)Environmentally Benign Synthesis of Cosmetic and Food Ingredients
Cara Tracewell, Zymergen (US)Applying Molecular Technology to Industrial Strain Optimization for Bio-based Chemical Fermentation
Andreas Worberg, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability (DTU Biosustain) (DK)Having the End in Mind - Commercialisation of Bio-based Chemicals in a Translational Core
Dennis Uebel, ALTANA (DE)Biotechnology in the Field of Specialty Chemicals
Bente Nersten, Borregaard (NO)Vanillin and a new Advanced Texture System (SenseFi) for Food from a Spruce-Based Biorefinery
Marc Struhalla, c-LEcta (DE)Cell-free Synthetic Biology for the Production of Functional Food Ingredients
Sophie van Schoubroeck, VITO (BE)Sustainability Analysis of an Algae-based Value Chain in North-West Europe
Hans van Klink, Dutch Sustainable Development (NL)Prospects of Sustainable Feedstock Production for Advanced Building Blocks


Bente Nersten (Borregard, NO): „SenseFi, one of Borregaard newest inventions, is a multifunctional innovative dietary fiber, developed to increase the texture, mouth feel and indulgence of high quality food products.“
Sophie van Schoubroeck (VITO, BE): „The integration of environmental, social and economic impacts is crucial to understand, monitor and improve sustainability of products and technologies.“

Six nominated companies of the Innovation Award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2019”

The established innovation award Bio-based Material of the Year” will once again be granted to novel, innovative and trendsetting bio-based materials and products. The target of the award is to bring new developments, launched in 2018 or to be launched in 2019, into the spotlight. The award is given by nova-Institute and sponsored by InfraServ Knapsack. The six nominated products will be published soon.

Final programme and workshops

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Conference Background

The topic of this years conference is “Evolution of the Bioeconomy: Survival of the Fittest? Learning from Success”. Despite the harsh environment, a few innovative companies find markets for their new bio-based building blocks, chemicals and polymers. We will introduce you to the technology leaders our planet needs for a sustainable future. This year in close cooperation with CLIB we expect more than 200 participants and 30 exhibitors, mainly from industry. The Bio-based Material Conference is a well-established meeting point for companies working in the field of bio-based chemicals and materials.

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