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Info: Advanced technologies and new developments – Fine Chemicals for Pharma, Cosmetics, Body Care & Specialities (in cooperation with CLIB)

“International Conference on Bio-based Materials”, 12–14 May, 2020 ONLINE

Biomass has been established as an efficient feedstock for the production of value-added fine chemicals with a variety of applications for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, body care and food. Chemical conversion of biomass for the production of fine chemicals is now supported by advanced technologies in synthetic biology including biotechnological and enzyme-catalysed syntheses. How can computer-aided enzyme engineering make fine chemical biocatalysis even more efficient? What new ingredients for cosmetics, food and specialties have been recently developed? Learn about these advanced technologies and new developments from leading experts in this field. Join the dedicated session on Fine Chemicals for Pharma, Cosmetics, Body Care & Specialties jointly developed with CLIB on 14 May 2020.

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Dennis Herzberg
10:10 (CET)
James Philp


Synthetic Biology, the Hope and the Hype

10:40 (CET)

Gerard Santiago
Nostrum Biodiscovery (ES)

Computer-aided Enzyme Engineering - Abstract

11:10 (CET)

Jakob Köchermann

Production of Furfural and Levulinic Acid in a Two-Stage Hydrothermal Conversion Process as Precursor for GVL - Abstract

11:40 (CET)

lrich Schörken
TH Köln (DE)

Biotechnological Conversion of Renewable Resources for Cosmetic Applications Targeting Biosurfactants and Bioactive Ingredients - Abstract

12:10 (CET)

Timo Johannes Koch
Savanna Ingredients

Sweet Innovations in Food Industry – Allulose, the Real Sugar without Calories - Abstract

12:40 (CET)

Daan S. Van Es
Wageningen University & Research (WUR) (NL)

From Biomass to Liquids – New Bio-based Solvents, Plasticisers and Lubricants for a Circular Economy

The innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2020”

Like every year, the innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year” will be awarded to the most innovative material and product on the market. Six new materials and products out of 17 applications have been nominated for the innovation award by the members of the advisory board. The three winners will be chosen by an online poll at the end of the first conference day by the participants of the conference and awarded with a prize, sponsored by YNCORIS Industrial Services.


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More than 300 (max. 500) participants are expected to attend the “13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials” online. 

The nova-Institute would like to acknowledge YNCORIS Industrial Services (DE) for sponsoring the renowned innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2020”. Special thank goes to NESTE (DE/FI) and UPM (DE/FI) for supporting the conference as Gold Sponsors and also to our Premium Partner CLIB (DE). We also thank our conference partners and media partners.