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Info: Circular Economy, Renewable Carbon and Latest Biorefinery Investments and Bio-based Building Blocks are the Key for Renewable Materials: Technologies, Applications, Markets

“International Conference on Bio-based Materials”, 12–14 May 2020, ONLINE Event

The mitigation of climate change is on the highest agenda in politics and industries. The transition to renewable carbon in the chemical and plastics industries is the equivalent to decarbonisation in the energy sector. It is an overarching strategy that supports and enhances the current circular economy. Integrative concepts that combine the use of variable feedstocks, as biomass, CO2 or recycling to supply renewable carbon are on the rise. New investments in commercial large-scale biorefineries underline this innovative direction towards a sustainable and climate-friendly future. Learn about this long-term vision and first steps already taken to account for the urgency of the climate crisis from the forerunning experts in this field. Join the session on Circular Economy, Renewable Carbon and Latest Biorefinery Investments with presentations from the leading investors in news biorefineries: NESTE and UPM, both from Finland, and Gold sponsors of the conference.

Bio-based building blocks are the key essentials for the production of renewable materials. Ongoing research have yielded a variety of new building blocks from different raw materials that improve properties of already existing materials or allow the creation of new ones. Pinene-derived monomers and humins are two of these new bio-based building blocks. Several others are on the market for years and have faced advantageous and disadvantageous circumstances during commercialisation last but not least the pandemic crisis. What are the applications for new bio-based building blocks? Which technologies are available? How will the future market develop? Get these questions answered and join the session on Bio-based Building-blocks – Technologies, Applications, Markets.

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Circular Economy, Renewable Carbon and Latest Biorefinery Investments
(12 May 2020)

10:10 (CET)
Okko Ringena

Next Generation Biochemicals – UPM’s 550 Million Euro Biorefinery Investment - Abstract

10:40 (CET)
Lars Börger
Neste Germany (DE/FI)

Partnership Approach to Increase Circularity for Renewable Material Solutions
11:10 (CET)
Michael Carus

nova-Institut (DE)
Update and Feedback on Renewable Carbon Strategy
11:40 (CET)
Mikael Lindström

Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) (SE)
Bio-based Material – Bridging the Valley of Death

12:10 (CET)
Riikka Joukio

Metsä Group (FI)

Industry Designed for Circular Economy - Abstract

Bio-based Building-blocks – Technologies, Applications, Markets

12:40 (CET)
María Pin-Nó

Cornelius Specialties (UK)
Sustainable Production of Pinene-derived Monomers - Abstract
13:10 (CET)
Ed de Jong

Avantium (NL)
Humins, a Versatile Material for Thermoset Materials
13:40 (CET)
Saskia Beuck

Covestro Deutschland (DE)
Alternative Raw Materials at Covestro – Pushing Boundaries - Abstract
14:10 (CET)
Marc Lankveld

Corbion (NL)
Corbion’s Route to FDCA
14:40 (CET)
Doris De Guzman

Tecnon OrbiChem (US/UK)
Bio-Based Building Blocks: 2020 Commercialisation Update

The innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2020”

Like every year, the innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year” will be awarded to the most innovative material and product on the market. Six new materials and products out of 17 applications have been nominated for the innovation award by the members of the advisory board. The three winners will be chosen by an online poll at the end of the first conference day by the participants of the conference and awarded with a prize, sponsored by YNCORIS Industrial Services.


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More than 300 (max. 500) participants are expected to attend the “13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials” online. 

The nova-Institute would like to acknowledge YNCORIS Industrial Services (DE) for sponsoring the renowned innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2020”. Special thank goes to NESTE (DE/FI) and UPM (DE/FI) for supporting the conference as Gold Sponsors and also to our Premium Partner CLIB (DE). We also thank our conference partners and media partners.